The eathband initiative


EarthBand ("An Armband for the Earth") is an initiative that aims to help save our planet, through three objectives:

1) The development of solidarity between people concerned about ecology, via the creation of a sign of mutual recognition.

2) The fight against oblivion or denial of the rest of the population, by a constant reminder of the importance of the environmental stake.

3) The awareness of the ecological cause, thanks to dialogue between those for whom ecology is already a priority, and those for whom this is not yet the case.

the earthband principle

In order to achieve these objectives, Earthband relies on a simple strategy: to make identifiable, in the public space, all the people who feel concerned by the protection of the environment.

How? Simply by asking people wishing to participate in this movement, to get a green armband* and to wear it daily, in public and / or private places.

Nothing more !

a green armband, sign of claim

The EarthBand armband, always visible, is a manifesto. It means to the rest of the world:

- I feel concerned by the current state of the planet, and I publicly claim this concern, crucial for the future of all.

- I am aware of the urgency of taking radical decisions and declare myself ready to make personal efforts to make our society change its course and become sustainable in the long term.

- These efforts must also be collective. That's why I think that only a political power having the preservation of the planet for absolute priority can henceforth be legitimate (in the respect, of course, of the individuals and the institutions).

a green armband, sign of hope

The EarthBand armband is also a sign of hope: hope that these green banners multiply, and that political decision-makers, seeing them invade the streets, have no choice but to finally take into account the collective will to change.

Note that the EarthBand initiative does not intend to make those who do not wear an armband (whether by denial, forgetfulness or ignorance) feel guilty, but to question them and put them in front of their responsibility. Because this armband also means: "I am ready to make new choices to save ourselves collectively. What about you?"


why earthband?

The Earthband initiative is based on a few simple observations:

- For several decades, the scientific community has been trying to alert public opinion to the alarming state of the planet (climate, biodiversity, sustainability, etc.).

- Despite this consensus, the public policies implemented throughout the world are far from being up to the environmental crisis we are experiencing.

- A large number of citizens are already investing - or willing - to help solve this crisis (by changing their consumption habits, boycotting certain industries, etc.).


- Unable to recognize each other, these eco-citizens sometimes feel a sense of isolation and helplessness.

- Not being identifiable by journalists and political leaders, the influence of these eco-citizens on the public sphere remains very limited.


why an armband?

We could have chosen another distinctive sign (pins, ribbon or bracelet) easier to wear in public, but we think there is no time for the policy of "small steps". According to the experts of the IPCC, we only have 2 years to reverse the course of history and avoid the disaster announced. An armband is what the leaders of the sports teams, but also the rescuers carry. It is a powerful banner, at the level of the fight for life that we must lead.

As for the name "EarthBand", we have chosen an Anglicism universally understandable, because only an worldwide action can put an end to the environmental crisis.


* Getting a green armband is easy: a few clicks on a search engine are enough.



who are we?

The EarthBand initiative is totally apolitical and does not claim any movement. It comes from a group of friends who are indignant at the planned destruction of our planet and are looking for simple and effective ways to fix it.




other actions


The environmental crisis we are experiencing is linked to three intercorrelated main factors:

1) Individuals (you and us), whose daily decisions (especially the consumption of goods, services and food) account for a large part.

2) Companies, whose production methods are responsible for a majority of greenhouse gases and chemical pollutants released into the environment.

3) States, that, through regulation and laws, can influence the behavior of individuals, corporate practices, and more generally our model of society.

If a large part of the population adheres to the EarthBand initiative, then the "individual" factor will be in our favor. Therefore, under the pressure of numbers and the threat of sanctions, we can hope that public policies evolve towards more protection of the environment.

Remain the companies. With our influence if successful, EarthBand will offer two options: a bonus for those who really want change ... and a malus for others!

the bonus : the earthband label

In order to promote companies willing to question their production methods, those who wish can apply for the EarthBand label and add it to their logo, as in the following example:

To obtain this label, companies will of course have to engage in a virtuous industrial policy (use of clean energies, reduction of production waste, packaging, more local manufacturing, etc.), but these good intentions will not be sufficient : as part of a contract with the EarthBand association, each company must accept within its walls a member of this association, whose salary will be paid by the company itself.

This "adviser-controller" from EarthBand will have for main functions:
- participate in strategic meetings of the company and advise its managers on the right environmental uses
- to help implement the actions decided, then to verify their concrete application, etc.

The "Earthband" label will not be another cosmetic label, but proof of a real industrial effort on the part of the companies that will obtain it. To learn more, follow the link: EarthBand-Bonus

the malus : the call to boycott

We are not fooled: some companies will not spontaneously turn to more virtuous practices. In this case, it will be necessary to use more restrictive methods.

For this, we will ask all EarthBanders to sign up for EarthBand (a simple click on our Facebook or Twitter page is enough), to promote this project around them (so that a maximum of people join us), and to take part in our future campaigns (launched as soon as we reach a significant enrollment threshold). These campaigns, very targeted, will go from the simple notice, up to the boycott, if necessary.

The choice of the "bad" companies will be made through several objective criteria such as emissions of greenhouse gases or chemical pollutants, of course, but also tax optimization or the practice of lobbying.

Several sites already offer boycott actions, but our strategy will be complementary: more offensive and, hopefully, critical. You will find more details through this link: EarthBand-Malus


Note: the green transition of the companies could also happen from the inside if a majority of employees came to work wearing the EarthBand armband...